The GVR Metropolitan District receives quite a few phone calls during the spring and summer each year with questions regarding the common areas throughout the Green Valley Ranch community.  The information below is provided to help educate everyone on which entity is responsible for which areas and describe the different management of our open spaces.

The GVR Metro District is directly responsible for all of the walkthroughs, tree lawn areas that border District owned common properties and not maintained by homeowners, greenbelts, detention and retention ponds, medians, and all landscaping around properties owned by the District like the Administrative Office at 18650 E. 45th Ave.  The District also maintains over 69,000 linear feet of common area fences throughout the District.

Denver Parks and Recreation is directly responsible for all care of the developed parks throughout the entire Green Valley area as well as the open space native area along the Highline canal trail corridor and all along the First Creek Open Space area.

Individual property owners that own the vacant lots throughout the District are responsible for their own lots.  This includes care of the tree lawns, and for many homes on corner lots that do not border common areas, the care of the tree lawn along the side of their property is also the homeowners responsibility.  If you live on a corner lot and need to find out if the side area is yours to maintain, feel free to call the Metro District office and someone will assist you.

Denver Public Schools is responsible for the fields and landscaped areas surrounding the local schools.

Please click on the map below to see which parties are responsible for maintenance in non-residential areas of GVR.

Maintenance of Non-residential Areas in GVR

Turf Areas:

Turf areas are maintained on a weekly schedule by the Metro District with mowing, trimming and edging done with a contract with Green Valley Ranch Landscape.

Natural/Native Areas:
Some Natural/native areas are maintained by the City of Denver Parks and Recreation Division (as identified above) and other areas are maintained by the District (i.e., the native area along the gas line easement and detention ponds).  Although the District does mow our native areas as needed to keep the areas clean and safe, the City has a different native restoration program that is identified below. 

In the city, natural areas are special portions of open, undeveloped land.  They tell us about the history of the land and region, it landscape, geology and people.  Unlike traditional developed parks, natural areas are shaped, developed and sustained by nature.

Even in the city where people change them to suit their purposes, these natural areas can and do exist.  Streamside/riparian environments, wetlands, prairie landscapes, shrub lands, and woodlands are some examples.  Natural areas preserve a rich piece of our past that we can experience now and in the future.

Unlike traditional developed parks, natural areas are guided, developed and sustained by nature.  Natural areas are “managed” but not necessarily “maintained.”  The Natural Areas Program is part of Denver Parks and Recreation Natural Resource Division, and this division manages the 4000 acres of natural open space that exist within Denver’s urban boundaries.
The article above was copied from Denver Parks and Recreation web site located at

If you have concerns or questions related to the City of Denver’s maintenance program, we encourage you to call them through their 311 resource telephone number.

For more information on Natural Areas please click on the links below:

Denvers Natural Areas pamphlet

Denvers Mowing Changes pamphlet

The District maintains a goal to achieve solid common area management through balance and responsible technique, while maintaining a high level of fiscal responsibility and efficient use of tax dollars.  If you would like to discuss the District’s Landscape management further, please call us at 303-307-3240 or email us at the address.

Green Valley Ranch Maps

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Green Valley East Ranch Park, Jebel St & E 45th Ave – Map

Green Valley Ranch West Park, Argonne St. & 45th Ave – Map


***Please NOTE:  The GVR Metro  District does NOT take care of the median along 48th Avenue or any property that lies north of 48th Avenue.  Those areas are the responsibility of the Town Center Metro District.




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