The main ability of the District to communicate and provide information to the tax payers, and other interested individuals, is through our documents. To assist in researching these documents, they are grouped by the nature of the document and its content.  If you are not finding the document you are looking for, don’t hesitate to call the office at 303-307-3240 for assistance.

Financial Information
Recently Approved Minutes
Legal Documents

The District has forms for use in providing standard information necessary for the District to assist the public and to process public information requests.

Available forms:

To post signs of any kind in community common areas requires prior approval from the District. Information and application can be made using the Sign Regulation Policy form.

Individuals interested in the election of the Board of Directors must use Election forms (towards bottom of page) to nominate an individual and must adhere to state established deadlines.

Interested in the Community Programs offered by the District can enroll children using the Youth, Teen & Adult Program forms.

To request copies of public information from the District, individuals must prepare a signed-written letter addressed to the District listing the specific information requested.